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Comfort and style respecting the environment with VivalaVida's soft certified organic cotton sweatshirts! 
Also available for adults.

Special discount by purchasing two sweatshirts, at least one of which as an adult!

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If for your child you are looking for the right balance between sustainability, comfort and style, take a look at the VivalaVida sweatshirts collection: you will find only quality garments made of 100% organic cotton and enriched by the iconic floral prints of Liberty London, all designed by us and manufactured entirely in Portugal.
Crew-neck sweatshirts and trendy sweatshirt dresses for girls, ideal to combine with both a pair of jeans or leggings.
Choose your children's sweatshirt now, you can buy it from the comfort of your home and you will receive it in a few days thanks to express delivery. If it doesn't fit, you can replace or return it easily and get refund.


Nowadays, while many European companies have chosen to delocalize the production to compete in the global market, VivalaVida has decided to create its T-shirts collection in the territory and in full respect of human rights and our planet.

Buying a VivalaVida sweatshirt means making an ethical choice: to support the local production in the full respect of people and environment through the choice of eco-friendly materials.

Organic cotton is beneficial for both our: health and the environment.

It is grown in fields free of toxic substances and all types of pesticides and insecticides, reducing water and energy consumption and guaranteeing respect for workers' rights.

By using organic cotton clothing, we reduce the possibility of allergic reactions, therefore it is highly recommended for children and for those affected with dermatitis.

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